Posted by: brightonpoly | July 13, 2008

July 2008 Meet Up

Tuesday 15th July 2008
The Caroline of Brunswick

Look for the parrot on the table

For more information please email brightonpoly [at] gmail [dot] com



  1. well, we went…

    Couldn’t find polly parrot?

    Where were you?

    Arrived 8.50 – left at 11.30.

    Great Pub though. 🙂

    Maybe next time? 🙂

    S, S & P

  2. Ah, so sorry – there was a mix up. Hope you can make 19th August!

  3. Well I turned up tonight at 8.40 and stayed till 9.05.

    Peered at all the tables looking for a parrot , expecting the people organising to turn up on time and keep an eye out as I had e-mailed.

    Asked the woman behind the bar who said she knew you, you weren’t there and she would point you out if you turned up.

    Sat a while alone with my drink feeling like a lemon and went home after 9.

    I assumed someone would be there on time for new people, to be welcoming.

    So why all the mix ups ??

  4. Hi Curious, I’ve replied to your email too.

    We are a very new group (barely as group at all yet) hopefully you can be patient with us and try the sep 16th meeting


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