Posted by: brightonpoly | August 21, 2008

Sep 2008 Meet Up

Tuesday 16th September 2008
The Caroline of Brunswick
8.30pm (please see note below)

Look for the parrot on the table

For more information please email brightonpoly [at] gmail [dot] com


August Meet Up
It was so exciting to have new people turn up (even if they had also turned up in July). It is starting to feel like Brighton might have enough poly and interested people to support a poly group after all.

Unfortunately there was still another mix up with another person wanting to come along who ended up missing us. We’re really sorry but up until this month we were struggling on with only 3 of us at meetings. There is nearly always someone there (with a parrot) by 9pm

Is anyone interested in going to polyday on 13th Sep (i.e before the next meet up)? The link is in the sidebar. I want to go – please email if you are interested in going too.

Mat x



  1. Hi,
    It’ll just be me on my own tonight anyone else going?

  2. Yep. We are

    Mat x

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